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Let’s Check Everyone’s Insurance

By January 1, 2022April 7th, 2023News

Alert! Many Insurance Plans Change on 01/01/22

Throughout the month of January, please remember to verify every patient’s insurance coverage and request a copy of their insurance card(s). If they have received a new insurance card it probably signals that some type of change has been made to their coverage.

  • This change could require your patient to use another factor provider, which would be a hit to your program!
  • We need to know ASAP! Any change can affect your 340B program’s ability to supply your patient’s medications.
  • Please forward a copy of any new insurance cards to our Patient Care Coordinators (PCCs) at ( so our team can review the patient’s benefits and help assure continuity of service.

For more information or if you have any questions, please feel free to call RCE to speak with our PCC manager, Nelly Nevarez, or Kellen Yamaguchi.