Is Red Chip like other speciality pharmacies?

No. Red Chip has distinguished itself as the only management company that provides all of the operational services that your Hemophilia Treatment Center will need to offer an exceptional 340B factor program to your patients with bleeding disorders.

Red Chip recently licensed an in-house pharmacy to enhance our service capabilities, but we’ll never compete with your HTC’s 340B factor program.

How does Red Chip prevent duplicate discounting?

Red Chip is very familiar with billing various Medicaid programs across the United States. Each state decides how they will recognize 340B factor claims in their system, if at all.

Our billing experts closely adhere to the protocols of each Medicaid program that identifies and segregates 340B products within their reimbursement system, thus preventing duplicate discounting.

How does Red Chip meet the definition of “Patient Eligibility” set forth by HRSA?

Red Chip maintains a list of clinicians at your HTC who are eligible to write prescriptions for your 340B program. We work closely with your HTC clinicians to ensure there is a current patient record.

How much does Red Chip charge?

No two Hemostasis and Thrombosis Centers are alike! Each HTC and 340B program has individual and complex operational and financial needs. Red Chip will tailor our fees to match the level of services required, while remaining as cost-effective as possible. We will be happy to review your program in order to develop an estimated fee schedule.

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