Recalled Product? We’ve Got Your Back!

By August 1, 2016News

The recent recall of Helixate and Kogenate could have caused pandemonium as concern from patients and their families escalated.

Instead, Red Chip was on the job doing what we do best: managing your program and providing impeccable customer service to your patients.

Thanks to our extensive database of lot numbers, we were able to quickly identify affected patients and begin our established recall procedures in conjunction with your HTC team.

Our procedures encompass the entire recall process including:

  • Research and troubleshooting with manufacturers
  • Identifying and notifying patients who have recalled product on hand
  • Delivering replacement product
  • Coordinating the return of recalled product from patients and forwarding those products to manufacturers
  • Negotiating the financial details with manufacturers

Please call Chad Geary (949) 223-9828 with any questions you may have about Red Chip’s recall procedures.