Keeping Track of Your $$$

By March 1, 2016News

2016 is off to a fast start and that means a large portion of your patients have probably had changes of some kind to their insurance plans. This could include changes made during Open Enrollment periods on new or existing plans, changes in employment or family status, or the worst scenario: reduced coverage and benefits, especially those that apply to factor replacement products.

There are two important actions you can take to help assure your 340B factor program does not experience a claims meltdown:

  1. Ask patients if ANY changes have been made in their family status and/or if they have received a new insurance card (this is a Red Flag that benefits may have changed).
    Send us a copy of the new insurance card so we can check benefits before a factor order is sent!
  2. Remind patients to sign up for the manufacturer co-pay assistance program for the products they utilize. Participation must be confirmed each year, but may be retroactive for January orders if they sign up now.
    Our customer care coordinators can assist with this process. Just give us a call or have your patients call us at 800-291-0654.