A profitable 340B program helps make your HTC financially stable.

Proceeds from factor sales can support expanded patient services and improved care.

  • Pay for support staff — nurses, social workers, physical therapists, orthopedist, genetics counselor, and other specialists
  • Support clinical community services — educational events, networking events, family days, etc.
  • Purchase supplies for patient care, including crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, ice packs, gas cards, medic alert bracelets and more

Diane Nugent, MD
Region IX Coordinator – National Hemophilia Program
Medical Director – CIBD

“Red Chip worked with us when our program was just getting off the ground. They understood the administrative pieces required to start a program and they excelled at helping us bring patients on service and keep them happy!”

As your partner, Red Chip will perform essential 340B services, including:

  • Program Set-Up
  • Administrative education
  • Payer Contracts specifically for your HTC
  • Customer Care for your patients
  • Purchasing factor from manufacturers/vendors
  • Dispensing factor/ancillaries to your patients
  • Inventory Management
  • Impeccable Delivery Service
  • Billing & Collections
  • Financial Reporting
  • Hemophilia Community Education and Sponsorship

No need to hire more full-time employees — Red Chip will work with you and for you.

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We will also raise awareness of your 340B Program by creating custom branding and marketing materials, as well as supporting your local hemophilia foundation and the hemophilia community at large.

With Red Chip, you get to stay focused on patients — we’ll do the rest.

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