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The Client

Maine Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (MHTC) provides comprehensive care for bleeding disorders and is the only one of its kind in the state of Maine. MHTC has been a federally designated 340B Covered Entity since February 2008.

The Problem

In early 2009, MHTC nearly had to close their doors. The federal grant that supports 340B entities had been reduced significantly and the Maine Medical Center was looking closely at the viability of the HTC.

However, many patients and families relied heavily on the HTC to receive the comprehensive care that is so important with chronic and complicated diseases. The Medical Director and clinic staff searched for a way to generate the funds needed to keep their clinic open.  It was imperative to find a way to continue patient care at the HTC.

The Project

MHTC hired Red Chip Enterprises to set up their 340B Outpatient Factor Program and create additional funding.

Red Chip provided a full range of services including:

  • Educating hospital administration on the benefits of a 340B program and helping to navigate through legal and contracting issues.
  • Coordinating HRSA registration, designating contract pharmacies and setting up complex vendor accounts.
  • Establishing a wide payer network by working with thoughtfully established payer contacts which allowed many interested patients to come on service.
  • Providing branded marketing materials to educate patients and families about supporting the HTC through the 340B Program.
  • Streamlining the authorization and claims process to allow prompt and accurate payment of claims.
  • Furnishing monthly financial reports to keep HTC staff informed and facilitate 340B compliance.

The Results

Within one calendar year, MHTC was sustainable. Today approximately 75 patients receive their factor through the 340B Outpatient Factor program. These additional funds have allowed MHTC to hire a social worker, a nurse, a data manager and even start a Women’s Clinic!

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