Amicar® Shortage

By July 1, 2015News

Important Manufacturer News!

Red Chip Pharmacy’s Manager learned this week that liquid Amicar, the medication often used to treat minor mouth and nose bleeds in patients with clotting disorders, is on very short supply and it appears that Akron, the manufacturer, has ceased making liquid Amicar. We will continue to closely monitor this situation for any changes.

Cardinal, McKesson, and Anda (all large national distributors) have verified that the liquid suspension is not currently available from them; Amicar tablets are not available, however, the generic version is available in a very limited supply. A spokesperson at Apexus believes there is no shortage of the active ingredient, Aminocaproic Acid.

Red Chip’s Pharmacy has ordered as many of the generic Amicar tablets as we have been allocated, and will have them available to be dispensed to your patients if they cannot obtain any from their usual source. Please call our Pharmacy Manager, Vishal Gandhi, at 949-223-9828 to check insurance information and to see if RCE’s Pharmacy can fill your patient’s generic Amicar prescription.